Epson ecotank l1300 inkjet printer

Epson ecotank l1300 inkjet printer

Epson ecotank l1300 inkjet printer. The Epson EcoTank L1300 high-resolution 5760 x 1440 inkjet printer will allow you to print black and white text documents and high-quality color images: photos for your home album, charts, layouts, etc. The printer will provide high speed printing of various documents, in monochrome – 30 pages / min, and in color – 17 ppm. Thanks to the four-color printer with print cartridges, you can take advantage of exceptionally affordable printing up to A3 + format for all types of documents. The equipment includes 5 ink bottles (70 ml), the printer can be used not only at home, but also in small offices.

Epson EcoTank L1300 inkjet printerEpson EcoTank L1300 inkjet printer – beautiful photos

With this printer model you will be able to get beautiful photos of unforgettable moments . With the economical and stylish Epson EcoTank L1300, you can have professional prints in the comfort of your own home. It is not only easy to use, but also offers great possibilities. A wide range of formats will allow you to choose the right size of the photo. On the other hand, high-resolution printing will give each photo a unique look.

Breakthrough low cost and high performance A3 + printing

The new Epson L1300 printer offers ultra-low printing costs thanks to its high-quality A3 + printing. Utilizing Epson’s proven genuine ink tank system and highly efficient printhead technology, it provides the most affordable solution for printing A3 + business reports, event plans, CAD drawings and more. With the L1300, you get an excellent printing partner that has quality and performance, ensures a long service life.

Greater productivity and quick refilling of the Epson EcoTank L1300

The ink supply system integrated into the L1300 prints 7,100 black and 5,700 color pages without adding any ink. The way to refill the ink is easy and you can refill the ink efficiently. This is thanks to the fast filling technology, anti-drip protection and precise labeling. The reliability of Epson products saves you time. A specially designed ink tank means less downtime and good quality. The fully integrated L1300 solid ink system makes it easy to print black and white and color documents up to A3 +.

Micro Piezo technology in the Epson EcoTank L1300 printer

Fast and high-quality printing in companies is possible thanks to Micro Piezo technology. What can be achieved with it? First of all, the speed of color printing up to 17 pages per minute and black and white printing up to 30 pages per minute. What else can the Epson EcoTank L1300 inkjet printer do? It will amaze you with banner printing up to 1 meter, which is an added value for your business. Users can easily print a poster or advertisement without the help of professional printers. With minimal interference, the L1300 provides economical printing of advertising material, CAD drawings, graphics and reports, and is ideal for use in corporate, retail and educational offices.

Increased efficiency and simple operation

When it’s time to refill, there’s no need to get dirty. With fast ink refilling technology and hermetically sealed bottles, clear markings and a leak-free nozzle, refilling the L1300 is a simple, fast and clean process.

Perfect printing results

With a dedicated print cartridge, there is no need to risk the costly downtime or poor print quality that could result from using a third-party print cartridge system. The system is fully integrated with the L1300 printer and therefore constantly supplies it with ink, allowing easy black and white printing and printing in color pages up to A3 +.

Key features of the Epson EcoTank L1300 inkjet printer

      • Cost effective: extremely affordable page printing
      • No worries: backed by the Epson warranty
      • Epson quality: dedicated refillable ink cartridge
      • Convenient: No worries, easy to set up
      • Fast in-house printing.
      • It allows for a sensational low cost of ownership, much lower than any cartridge-based printer.
      • Dual black ink tank system

The Epson L1300 uses ink tanks with two black ink compartments, which allows the print head to feed twice as much black ink and thus greatly increases the printing speed. Thanks to the unique printing technology and accurate pressure control in the ink tanks, you always get great quality prints. Specially developed materials on the basis of which the device elements are made ensure a long life of the printer and trouble-free operation.

Comfortable work and safe transport The Epson EcoTank L1300

The special design of the tanks and ink tanks allows even an inexperienced user to easily refill ink. A special ink locking system in the containers ensures safe transport of the device, eliminating the possibility of ink leakage.

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