Dresses for a wedding and the type of figure

Dresses for a wedding and the type of figure

Dresses for a wedding and the type of figure. Choosing a dress for a wedding can be quite a challenge. First of all, you have to choose what you like. In addition, it must fit perfectly. Sometimes you can also find it difficult to choose the right color, material and length.

Know your figure type

You need to start with the figure. Your dress should accentuate your figure. Therefore, think carefully about what figure you have.

Pear shape

If your lower body is larger than your upper body, you most likely have a pear figure. You have slimmer shoulders, chest and face. So, strapless dresses or dresses with a deep neckline will be perfect. The bottom of the dress should be loose. Think of an A-line dress. The lower part can be made of tulle. It should fit around the waist.


Perhaps the most desirable type of female figure. The hips and shoulders are of similar width. Matching dresses are the perfect choice. Therefore, you can go ahead and choose pencil dresses, strapless. Avoid loose, baggy dresses.


This figure is characterized by the lack of feminine curves. Many sportswomen will have just such a figure. You can play with different styles. Large necklines will give the breasts a nice shape, and dresses with ruffles and flounces create a nice contrast.

Inverted triangle

Unlike the pear figure, women with this figure have slimmer hips and wider shoulders. So opt for a V-neck to draw attention away from your shoulders. Sleeves with ruffles or spaghetti straps are perfect, but avoid strapless dresses. Various details and ornaments can be found below the deck. Especially if you choose a narrower skirt. Choose a dress that will emphasize the waist and legs. This way, your upper body won’t be so obvious.


If you have a slightly bigger tummy and breasts, then most likely you are apple-shaped. Your dress should shape your figure, so avoid shapeless dresses. You can choose dresses in original shapes, preferably with a deep neckline.

The best colors

Remember not to choose a dress in the original color. It’s the bride’s day and she should shine. Don’t stand out from other guests. Of course, avoid white and bright colors. Better choose a blue, red or dark green gown.
Formality, location and time of year will be key factors in choosing the best dress.

Stylish dress

You can wear pants and a jacket from Monday to Friday, but wear a dress for the wedding. First of all, it cannot be the same color as the wedding dress. Avoid the black dress. Black dresses are associated with mourning and death. However, there is a fundamental difference between a mourning dress and an elegant evening dress. The dress should be nice and light. Only then can you choose a dark colored dress. May have sequins. You can also opt for a classic, dark cocktail dress. However, if there is even the slightest risk that it will resemble a mourning one, do not buy it. Opt for a colorful dress.

Elegant dress

A short dress doesn’t have to be sexy. She can be very cute. Usually ladies avoid short dresses, but you don’t have to. You just need to know moderation. The bottle green color is a great spring color that will simply bring out your beauty instantly. Especially if you choose the right shoes, accessories and details. This will emphasize your perfect style even more.

Pastel color dress

If you go to a wedding in spring or summer, you don’t have to worry so much about the weather. You can opt for a pastel shade such as peach or mint. Avoid pure white. Pick something simple. The peach bodycon dress with subtle ruffles is gorgeous. You can match it with sequin heels or nude. High boots are a must, you will look great in them.

Soft pleated midi dress

Choosing the right dress for a wedding is even more difficult when you are pregnant. For many reasons. First of all, the dress should be made of soft material so as not to irritate the skin. It must be of the right length. Choose comfortable, elegant shoes for her. You can match it with a stylish silver purse and a simple pearl necklace.

Two-piece dresses

If you like to experiment and are brave, you can buy a two-piece dress. It is becoming more and more popular. Is interesting. An elegant outfit with contrasting accessories will be original.

Perfect jewelry

Pay attention to the neckline of the dress. Choose the right jewelry for it. Pay attention to the necklace, earrings or bracelet. It will be the perfect complement. Think about the length of the necklace. It must take into account the depth of the neckline. Also, if your dress has some intricate details, especially around the bust or cleavage, your jewelery should accentuate them rather than distract them. There are dozens of different shades of dress. Choose the right jewelry for it. All details are very important. Therefore, spend enough time shopping.

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