Pages in wordpress – design

Pages in wordpress – design

Pages in wordpress – design. If we have already bought a domain and hosting and took care of the proper configuration, we can start thinking about the theme. This way our website will look professional, amazing and interesting. One of the automatically selected themes by WordPress is Twenty15. It is really simple and clean in design. However, most likely we would like to choose a unique theme. Thanks to WordPress, we have access to literally thousands of themes, designed by professional developers. Let’s go and choose something special.

How do I choose the right theme?

If we want to ensure the right style of the website, let’s focus on choosing the right theme.

Choosing the right theme is very important. The appropriate one should reflect the substantive content of the website, while maintaining its responsiveness on various devices: mobile and stationary. It should also recharge in no time. Choosing the right theme can be difficult, but it really pays off.

A list of useful functions

Before we decide on a given theme, let’s consider which functions are necessary for us, and without which we can survive.

The WordPress feature filter makes it very easy to customize your theme search based on specific features such as the ability to translate and a flexible headline. Before making the selection, let’s pay attention to your website design . For example, let’s think about whether our site should consist of one or more columns.

With WordPress themes, less is more. Therefore, the chosen theme should contain only those features that will help you achieve your goal. Otherwise, unnecessary features will only clutter our theme.

Choose simple themes

Remember that a feature-rich theme may be nice at first, but it can cause a lot of problems after a long time. In addition, it will affect the performance of our website. No customer will wait for the page to finally load. Therefore, let’s refrain from installing all the features just because we find them interesting.

Of course, fancy music players or games may be tempting, however, they can seriously impact site performance. Additionally, programmers often use code found on the Internet to develop functions. They can then forget about the security of the site. It is not profitable to risk it.

Let’s choose responsive themes

Thanks to the responsive theme, the website will be extremely easy to use, not only on a laptop or desktop computer, but also on many other devices, e.g. phone and tablet. Such a theme is compatible with many devices, both stationary and mobile. It has menus and other widgets that are easy to navigate. Let’s look for functions that will work perfectly on all types of devices.

Remember about the color of the theme

Most of the elements of internet marketing are based on visual appearance, with colors emphasizing brand recognition. If we have a logo, let’s try to adapt the color scheme to it. WordPress makes it easy to change the look, including colors, theme, by going directly to the file or entering a custom CSS style.

If we hesitate to choose a darker or lighter theme, note that according to statistics, users prefer lighter colors. Dark theme can cause readability problems. More conventional design elements fit it.

Let’s consider Premium themes

Free themes are a great option for people on a budget. However, there may be some problems with them. In addition to the coding quality that is potentially unable to meet all of our requirements, we run the risk of not being updated regularly. We also have to take into account the lack of support from the creator of the theme. In some cases, the author completely abandons his project.

Premium themes, on the other hand, are dynamic, typically offering more features than free themes. This makes us different from the crowd. Let’s check these themes, some require a one-time payment, others recurring.

Let’s not choose a theme with a font that is difficult to read

The user will quickly leave the page, which will be unreadable for him. Let’s make it easier for the reader to navigate our site. The fonts used should be simple, sophisticated, and legible.

If we know CSS, we will have no difficulty getting in and adjusting the font accordingly. However, some free themes can be difficult to customize. We must bear this in mind when choosing a theme.

Let’s test our theme thoroughly

We can install the Theme Check plugin, which will make it easier to check the performance of the selected theme. It also allows you to verify that the theme complies with all current WordPress standards.

After we’ve made all the corrections, let’s go over the entire world again carefully. Then we can show it to the world. Let’s read all the texts, check the site on desktop and mobile devices and make sure all images load properly. Finally, we should consider investing in good hosting and installing a plugin to keep children safe.

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