Horse riding – what should you know about it?

Horse riding – what should you know about it?

Horse riding – what should you know about it? Horse riding one of those sports that combines physical activity with the possibility of direct contact with nature. Horse riding is growing in popularity every year. More and more people notice that it can be enjoyed a lot, regardless of the season and what the weather is outside. Horses are valued, among others by their role in the development of tourism and recreation. Many holiday centers offer attractions in the form of horse riding lessons. There are also shows with the participation of these beautiful animals, equestrian competitions, jumping and dressage competitions and races. It is also worth knowing that horses are an indispensable element in the therapy of disabled children and adults. Year by year, hippotherapy gains more trust on the part of consumers.

Horse riding – practical information

The number of horse breeds in existence is highly impressive. The easiest way is to divide them into:

  • Warmblood: light horses, noble, which include Arabians;
  • English Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arabs;
  • cold-blooded: heavy horses, such as Ardennes, Bretons and Fiords.

Arabian horses are famous primarily for their extraordinary beauty. Their characteristic features are also high resistance and a calm disposition. Arabians used to be engaged to participate in various rallies, long-distance journeys, and also during long-distance races.

The situation is completely different in the case of thoroughbred horses that were bred in Great Britain. The so-called thoroughbred horses are the essence of a fiery temperament. The beginnings of their history date back to the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. They were used to participate in short-distance races. They were trained to be the undisputed winners in this field. The best specimens can cover a distance of one kilometer in less than sixty seconds.

In turn, cold-blooded horses are characterized by a massive body structure and great strength. These animals have a gentle disposition and differ from their hot-blooded cousins ​​in that they are definitely less mobile. These animals have been used for centuries for agricultural work and transporting people and goods.

Characteristics of horse movement

Anyone interested in horse riding certainly knows that there are three types of horse walking:

  • walk, i.e. the animal moves at a speed of 6 to 8 km / h;
  • trot – from 12 to 18 km / h;
  • a gallop during which the animal reaches 60 km / h. It is worth knowing that a gallop can turn into a gallop, which is the fastest form of horse movement.

Horse riding enthusiasts should bear in mind that the animal is not a machine and it cannot be galloping all the time. The horse, like every living creature, needs rest, during which it will have a chance to regenerate its body.

equestrian articlesSome long-distance rallies with mounts force them to cover about 160 km in one day. However, in the course of such an effort, it is necessary to constantly change the pace of the horse’s movement. Trot and canter are used alternately. What’s more, every few dozen kilometers the animals have time to rest.

Rider’s Equipment – The most important elements of the outfit

People who want to practice horse riding on a permanent basis should make sure they have an appropriate outfit. The most important part is the headgear, usually made of hard plastic and covered with velvet.

Each rider should also purchase professional, high boots and pants for riding, i.e. breeches. This type of garment has no seams on the inside of the legs and has adequate reinforcements at the knee level. The outfit should also include gloves to avoid the formation of abrasions and calluses on the hands.

What equipment should the horse be equipped with?

Each rider should also take care of the well-being and comfort of his horse. In this case, the horse’s bridle, i.e. the bridle and the reins, deserves special attention. A good quality saddle is also essential. You should not save on such equipment, because the progress of activities in this sport depends, among other things, on it.

Stirrups are also important, i.e. elements used to embed feet in them during training. Horse riding is a noble type of physical activity, but in the first phase it is completely ruthless for its lovers’ wallets. The cost of a set of accessories starts from several hundred zlotys, and the upper limit of investment is practically non-existent.

Neglecting the presence of any of the above-mentioned equipment exposes the animal to increased exploitation of its body. The horse is a living thing, and therefore it is capable of feeling tired and painful. Due to the fact that each ride on its back is associated with effort, it should be made comfortable for both the steed and ourselves. It is worth knowing that investing in, for example, economical versions of saddles not only threatens the horse, but also ourselves. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that anyone who wants to quickly observe the effects of their work should not save on driving equipment.

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