Characteristics of wooden structures

Characteristics of wooden structures

Characteristics of wooden structures. Wooden constructions are very popular in our country. Poles are more and more willing to reach for products of natural origin that do not adversely affect health. Out of concern for their loved ones, they look for solutions that will combine functionality and an attractive appearance. Wooden structures, which include residential houses, appear more and more often in the architecture of cities  . It seems that wood has become an integral part of Polish thinking about contemporary architecture.

Miraculous properties of wood that increase the popularity of wooden structures

Wood has a number of properties that have a positive effect on our health. As a result, wooden structures are becoming more and more popular among Poles. The essential oils contained in wood not only fill the interior with a pleasant forest fragrance, but also clear the respiratory tract. For this reason, staying in wooden structures, which include houses, is recommended for people who are struggling with respiratory infections.

In addition, wood, as a completely natural material, does not cause allergies, and its warm color has a positive effect on the mental state and calms the nerves. When focusing on wooden structures, it should be mentioned that the wood maintains a natural balance of moisture in the building. If there is too much moisture in the living room, the wood absorbs it. When the air is too dry, the wood releases it to the environment. This process helps to maintain the optimal temperature in wooden structures , which translates into lower heating bills.

Electrostaticity is also an extremely important property of wood. There is no dust in wooden constructions. For this reason, staying in wooden interiors is recommended for people who are struggling with allergies.

Moreover, wood = eco-friendliness. Wood saves energy, which is not limited only to the home budget. During the production of wooden structures, much less energy is used. The internal walls of such buildings do not require additional insulation, wood is a renewable material and its acquisition does not adversely affect the natural environment. To erect a house or other wooden structure , fewer metal fasteners are used.

Wood as a long-lasting building material that works perfectly well in the temperate climate zone

Contrary to appearances, wood is an extremely durable building material. For centuries, wood has been the basic building block of houses. Resilient and resistant to damage, it is still one of the most popular finishing materials. Wooden structures that are properly impregnated can serve their owners for generations to come. In Poland, due to the country’s location in the temperate climate zone, the wood obtained from conifers is perfect . They show the greatest resistance to changing weather conditions and bitter frost in winter.

Structures made of wood, just like concrete, can be multi-storey. Depending on the preferences of customers, they can have single and double walls, which do not require additional insulation. This is a great advantage because the cost of insulating a house may amount to an additional tens of thousands of zlotys.

Characteristics of wooden structures, as well as the natural aging process of wood

Wooden structures are relatively cheap compared to other materials used for construction. Concrete structures are expensive and their construction permanently changes the appearance of the surroundings. Wood blends in perfectly with the surroundings. Wooden projects are characterized by a short implementation time, and the possibility of any transformation of the skeleton. They are cheap to assemble and can also be quickly disassembled. Installation of wooden structures depending on the complexity of the project, however, should not exceed seven days. In the case of structures erected from other materials, the construction may take up to several months. There are companies on the market that offer dozens of sample projects of wooden structures. People who decide to buy wooden houses pay attention to the fact that the wood “grows more noble” with the passage of time. This means that under the influence of UV radiation and the oxidation process, the wood turns gray, which makes it look older and more stylish.

Wooden structures have a long tradition in our country, which manufacturers of high-quality wooden structures wanted to revive. There are many monuments of wooden architecture in our country. These include wooden churches, as well as impressively large buildings in the świdermajer style located near Warsaw. These constructions confirm our countrymen in the belief that wood is a universal building material that, under appropriate conditions, can survive for centuries. What’s more, wood allows for any shape and decoration with the use of appropriate tools.

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