Private investigator – what services does he offer

Private investigator – what services does he offer

Private investigator – what services does he offer. A private detective is a character that very often appears in various movies, series and books. He is a well-liked hero who solves complicated criminal puzzles. He has a number of interesting equipment that helps him at work when the police fail. But what does a private investigator really do? What matters does it solve?

Who is a private investigator?

In Poland, the profession of a private detective is regulated by the Act on Detective Services of 2001. It is very restrictive and according to it, a private investigator has virtually no additional powers than other people. The regulations say that it can process personal data that has been obtained without consent and obtain information from: natural persons, institutions, enterprises and other government administration bodies.

Moreover, under the law, a private investigator has many responsibilities. First of all, he must follow the principles of ethics in his work, he cannot use methods that are dedicated to the uniformed service, he must write a contract with each client, and after the case is completed, he must make an appropriate report. While carrying out his work, the detective must carry the license with him and show it to anyone if requested.

What does a private investigator do?

You can report to a detective agency with various matters. Many will think that a private investigator is solving complicated criminal cases, unresolved mysteries from the past, or homicides. However, in fact, it is an absolute margin of orders carried out by investigators. Most often they deal with all matters relating to marriage. Detectives commissioned by one of the spouses can track the other half to check whether she is faithful and honest. This is often important in the event of a divorce or division of property.

In addition, the services that a private investigator very often provides are related to insurance fraud. Large companies providing insurance services very often employ investigators to determine whether any client has faked their accident and tried to somehow trick the insurer into compensation.

It is also worth mentioning that clients use the services of a private detective to find lost or stolen property, to determine whether their business partner is honest and does not do anything behind their backs. Following media reports, it can be concluded that investigators are also involved in the disappearance cases to assist the police.

Often, however, a detective pursues cases that are less serious and not intended for the police. Only a small fraction of orders concern supporting the work of uniformed people.

How does a private investigator work?

A private investigator can have many different duties. Some investigators have their own specializations, i.e. they only deal with specific cases. However, when carrying out most orders, the detective works very similarly. First of all, he discusses the matter with his client. He asks for all the details in order to gather as much information as possible. At this stage, it also determines whether the matter is ethical and legal and whether it is possible to deal with it at all. This is followed by the analysis of the obtained facts and data and planning of activities. This is a very important point, because the approach to solving each case must be very thoughtful.

When the investigator has sorted out all the facts and knows what actions he should take, he proceeds to an investigation during which he gathers evidence. But, in order for something he finds to be used later in court, he should act legally. In some cases, clients are so desperate and so anxious to know the truth that investigators bend the procedure a bit. The investigation may be carried out in various ways, eg it may be observation, interviews with witnesses, reading the content of various documents, etc. After collecting the evidence, it is analyzed thoroughly, which will allow to draw conclusions. In the course of work, a private investigator keeps his client informed about all progress in the case, and finally prepares a detailed report.

Each detective obtains information and evidence on a case from multiple sources. It works very discreetly so that no one finds out who he is and what is the purpose of his work. The process of unraveling a given case can be very long and complicated. In addition to registering and talking to various people, it also uses, among others tax registers, court and official acts (birth, marriage, death), permits and documentation related to running your own business, etc.

When deciding to use the services of a private investigator, it is worth checking whether the investigator has all the necessary permits and licenses. It is also a good idea to check the opinions of a given agency from other clients. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our order will be carried out in a professional and reliable manner. Some, unfortunately, pretend to be detectives and conduct illegal activities.

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