Dental implants – find out more!

Dental implants – find out more!

Dental implants – find out more! Hello, thank you for your interest in this article. Due to the estimate of your time, I decided to warn you at the beginning that this dissertation, although devoted to dental implants, is addressed to people who already have some knowledge and are, for example, after consulting a dentist, but forgot to ask for details.

I wish such people a pleasant reading, while I reassure all the others, as always I will try to write in a language that is understandable to everyone, so even if you do not have a clue and teeth implants, sit back and read this information, maybe you will need this information someday. The subject of dental prostheses is quite familiar to me due to the recent surgery in my family. Specifically, my sister underwent this procedure.

Let me start with an almost rhetorical question, namely, her question was whether the implant will be forever? At first glance, this question may seem a bit funny and the answer is obvious, because dental implants are not limited in time, but their condition depends on oral hygiene. Well, I always emphasize it, that the implant must be treated as a healthy real tooth, if we do not take care of it, the gums will become inflamed, which in the long term results in bone loss and thus loss of the implant. The condition for the guarantee of such an implant are inspections in the dentist’s office, during which the implant is cleaned, such inspections should take place approximately twice a year. Then everything should be in the best order and the implant should serve us for a long time. But what if someone is in the same situation as me? I mean I lost a tooth 5 years ago, can I still get an implant? Well, there’s not much good news for me. The longer it takes to lose a dentition, the bone density decreases.

According to dental research and observations, the period of 3 months after the loss of teeth is considered the beginning of the decay process. The scale at which the jaw bone disappears depends on each patient individually, here, literally everything, even genes, age and health condition have an impact. And here there is hope for me, because implanting an implant after many years is possible. In the majority of patients, despite bone loss, bone tissue reconstruction is not required. However, if it is required, only in about 20% of patients, then tissue regeneration with the use of special granules is ordered. This process is called augmentation and it allows you to get implants in your teeth. The process that will allow us to undergo the treatment lasts from half to a year. That is why I usually emphasize that if there is even a small loss, it is worth investing, because it is much easier to insert teeth implants sooner than later. So you can ask when is the best time to implant your teeth.

The simple answer is that it is about two to three months after the loss of a tooth, during which time a new bone is formed in the empty space, and the process of its loss occurs later. If we undergo the procedure at this point, the bone will be stimulated by the implant, which results in better bone density and regeneration. The dental implants themselves integrate with the jaw bone about five to eight months, after which the dentist attaches a porcelain crown to the implant, which looks and functions like a real live tooth. As we come to the end, let me impose a bit more pace and tell you about the possibility of immediate tooth implantation. I am already explaining how and when it is applied.This is the fastest way. Immediately after the tooth is removed, a titanium screw is implanted into the jawbone into which the jawbone literally grows.

Professionally speaking, cells called osteoblasts enter the pores on the surface of the titanium prosthesis. Thanks to this procedure, the implant is permanently fixed to the bone and is already a part of the body for us. The process of such ingrowth of a cell takes about eight months. However, there is a small catch here. Well, the decision does not depend on the patient’s expectations or mood, but on his health. Immediate implementation should not always be used. For example, it must not be done in the case of periodontitis. Therefore, before the procedure, it is the duty of every patient and dentist to perform extensive tests to check the patient’s health. I had the opportunity to encounter such issues as while my sister underwent dental implant surgery.

I allowed myself to ask about such private feelings related to the procedure. She stated that the only thing you can really fear is the price, all the rest, like the tests and the procedure, are bearable and the effect will surprise everyone, because it is probably better to have all the teeth. I hope that my article helped you find the answer to your questions, or maybe only after reading it you decided that it was time to visit the dentist? I myself will undergo a dental implant surgery, but first I have to deal with the eight.

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