Some tips on how to design a good banner ad

Some tips on how to design a good banner ad

Some tips on how to design a good banner ad. If you want to increase your web traffic with better ads, we should ask ourselves: what is banner ad design ? It primarily focuses on the systematic creation of effective banners following carefully thought-out guidelines.

Effective and standard sizes of banners

The most popular standard banner sizes are:

  • 728 × 90 pixels – long banner,
  • 300 × 600 pixels – half page banner,
  • 300 × 250 pixels – medium rectangle,
  • 336 × 280 pixels – large rectangle.

Remember to put the banner in the right place. Ideally, it should be at the top of the page, close to the main content. Let us pay attention to the hierarchy. The effectiveness of our banner is largely dependent on the right balance. A good banner will increase brand awareness and website traffic. The banner should contain our company logo. In this way, we will build brand awareness. It should be visible, but not obscure a message or a call to action that interests the reader.

Remember that the banner may present the offered service or product. Let the reader pay attention to the attractive offer and prices. We can put slogans such as: “High quality” or “50% discount” or “Only today you can buy …” Such information should dominate the banner and the recipients should see it first. A call to action is a text or button that prompts users to click. We can encourage audiences by using phrases such as “Learn More”, “Click Here”, “View Here”. The call to action should be in the center of the banner. Let’s be guided by simplicity in creating content and selecting visual effects.

Corresponding banner design

Depending on the type of banner you choose, call-to-action buttons can often increase your ad’s click-through rate (CTR). This type of banner is best placed in the lower right corner. Let’s choose a contrasting color. Always be consistent when designing banners. The banner should have a clearly defined frame. Our eyes naturally draw attention to the object in the banner. Effective banner ads have a clearly defined frame with stretched graphics. If the graphic is white, choose a gray frame with a width of 1 pixel.

The text should be legible immediately. Remember about the correct fonts. We can also use animations. Usually, animated banner ads are more effective than static ones. We can put them on websites. However, make sure you don’t distract your audience from the main message of your ad. If we decide to make animations, remember that they should be simple. They cannot be longer than 15 seconds. They cannot loop more than 3 times. Consider having a clear call to action in the final frame of the animation. If your ad visually blends in with your site, we increase trust among your audience. However, it must also be at least a little different from it. Advertising banners must always be visible and clickable.

Helpful tips

Our banner ad should contain a link to the landing page. It is supposed to redirect to the offer. Make sure your ad matches our brand and landing page. Then the customers will not be confused.

The text in the banner should stand out. So let’s use contrasting and bold colors. Banners don’t always have to be subtle.

If we want to emphasize our message, let’s choose the appropriate graphics and photos. They should be directly related to our product. Let’s not use any abstractions. If we cannot afford a professional photo shoot, choose an inexpensive photo license. We can find millions of high-quality photos. It’s even better if we choose original illustrations or graphics created by a photographer.

However, we don’t always need to include photos in our banner. We can opt for a catchy slogan and interesting fonts. The banner will be just as effective.

Let’s choose the right colors. Each color evokes different emotions in recipients. It is the first thing you pay attention to. Colors are subjective and can mean different things in different cultures. When choosing colors, let’s consider which target group we target our banner to.

      • Red – passion, anger, excitement and love.
      • Orange – joke and energy.
      • Yellow – motivation, sunlight, kindness.
      • Green – health, freshness, wealth, environment, growth, care and a new beginning.
      • Blue – security, trust, clarity, maturity, calm, intellect, formality, refreshment, coolness and masculinity.
      • Violet – luxury, royalty, extravagance, wisdom, magic, femininity and creativity.
      • Pink – love, sweetness, femininity, youth and children.
      • Black – exclusive, mystery, modernity, strength, prestige, luxury and formality.
      • White – purity, innocence, modernity, sterility, simplicity, honesty and shyness.
      • Brown – nature, wood, leather, seriousness, masculinity, endurance and humility.
      • Gray – neutrality and practicality.

Remember about small file sizes. The smaller the better. Let’s use the correct file format. JPG, PNG, GIF or HTML5 will be best.

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