Types of spa treatments

Types of spa treatments

Types of spa treatments. A weekend at a SPA by the sea is a great idea to relax and unwind after a hard week at work, while improving your external appearance. Treatments offered at a SPA by the sea can comprehensively take care of the appearance of our face, body and hair, while also improving our well-being. We cannot forget about the unusual atmosphere, clean air and the waves crashing on the beach. However, what treatments are worth choosing in a SPA by the sea?


There is nothing more pleasant in a SPA by the sea than a relaxing massage that will help relax muscles, improve blood flow and remove toxins from our body. In SPA centers, we can find many very interesting massage packages for our entire body, from head to toe. Many people decide to undergo a back massage, which effectively reduces the tension in the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, reducing stress and helping to calm down. Another interesting massage can be a facial massage that helps to relax tense muscles, but this is not the only advantage of it . Thanks to the improvement of blood circulation, the skin becomes colored and becomes smooth and supple like never before.

If we want a comprehensive massage of the whole body, we must not forget about our hands and feet. Foot massage helps not only to relax, but also has a healing effect. In our feet there are lines and energy points that connect with all our internal organs. Although classic massage is the most frequently performed SPA treatment by the sea, it is worth trying a quite popular hot stone massage. The warm stones used during the massage stimulate blood circulation, as well as relax and loosen the muscles, also soothing the state of our mind.Another interesting proposition is aromatherapy which uses essential oils during the massage with various healing properties. On the other hand, if our problem is the hated orange peel, i.e. cellulite, then we should decide on a Chinese cupping massage, which by improving blood circulation and breaking down adipose tissue reduces its visibility.


A sauna is a room with a very high temperature, and depending on whether it is a dry or wet sauna, it can have low or high humidity. But which sauna is worth going to? It depends mainly on whether we prefer moist or dry air. In a steam sauna, it is much worse to withstand than in a dry sauna, however, both of them help to strengthen our immunity, stimulate metabolism, and also accelerate the process of cleansing our body of toxins. In a steam sauna, as the name suggests, steam is produced, which makes it difficult for some people to catch their breath. The dry sauna works in a slightly different way, because hot stones are placed in it, which are poured over with water, but it does not produce any steam, so most of us visit such a place does not cause major problems. When going to a SPA by the sea, it is also worth choosing a session in a herbal sauna combining a steam sauna with aromatherapy. In such a sauna there is the smell of the selected essential oil, which exhibits specific healing properties.

Milk baths

The milk bath was used by Cleopatra herself, but it is not surprising, because goat’s milk has a beneficial effect on our skin. During such a session, the skin is deeply nourished and becomes extremely soft. Extra ingredients such as herbs, peloid or rose petals are often added to a bath prepared from goat’s milk. Herbs show cleansing properties. Peat, in turn, has a relaxing, cleansing and warming effect. When it comes to rose petals, such a bath both brightens and tightens our skin.

Facial treatments

A lot could be written about facial treatments, because the offer of every SPA includes a lot of them and they can be divided into several categories. The basic treatments include cavitation peeling, microdermabrasion, cosmetic acids, and various types of skin cleansing treatments. When the skin is thoroughly cleansed, it becomes fully ready to accept the active substances found in masks and creams . The multitude of various treatments, however, means that most women do not really know what treatment to choose. In this case, it is worth going for a consultation, because thanks to it, the beautician will be able to carefully examine the skin and, after recognizing the problem, will certainly choose a package of appropriate treatments.

Hair treatments

When going to a SPA by the sea, we should also not forget about our hair. Depending on the condition of our strands, the beautician will help us choose treatments and preparations that regenerate our hair and restore its shine.

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