How to decorate the interior – a review of wall wallpapers

How to decorate the interior – a review of wall wallpapers

How to decorate the interior – a review of wall wallpapers. Do you dream of beautiful and stylish interiors? In that case, it is worth considering now what you are going to change, so that you have ready ideas and materials. Thanks to this, as soon as it gets warm, renovation can be started.

The appearance of our house or apartment is of great importance. We spend most of the day there. This is especially true in winter, when the days are short and the evenings are long and frosty. Everyone then wants to sit down in the armchair with a soft blanket and read a book. Therefore, it is worth rethinking the interior climate in order to have cozy and warm interiors for the coming winter.

Search for inspiration

Even if there are many interior ideas in your head, sometimes it is difficult to combine all the elements into a coherent whole. What’s more, most often you want to throw all the elements of the decor into one room. In the end, there is an overabundance of styles in one room and a void in another. That is why it is worth using the ideas of interior decorators. Where to find one? Most of the time, of course, on the Internet. You can both enter the password directly into the search engine and try it on various social networks. This solution is very convenient, because we will find there not only photos, but also instructions on how to make individual pieces of furniture and where they were purchased. Moreover, members of social media groups are happy to advise and share their own experiences.

After the cost or should you invest?

Renovations may differ financially. Some people want to finish the interior comprehensively, others focus on simplicity and favorable prices. Before we undertake renovation activities, we should first think what fund we can invest in the renovation of the apartment. the first issue is whether the apartment or house belongs to us or is rented. If we are only tenants, all changes should be agreed with the owner in the first place. If it does not cover part of the renovation, it is worth choosing a lower cost of the renovation. In the case of your own apartment, it is worth doing a general renovation to keep it in the best condition.

Smoothing walls

The colors of the painted walls have a great influence on the interior climate. However, they often require not only painting, but also smoothing. All nail marks, scratches and other irregularities need to be corrected. As a result, the walls look neater, and the paint holds better and is easier to paint. It is worth considering how we are going to finish the walls. So should it be tiles, ordinary paint or maybe wallpaper? In the case of a bathroom or kitchen, tiles are the best solution. But what about the rest of the rooms? All kinds of wall murals look great on the walls, which are perfect for bedrooms or children’s rooms. In the case of a corridor or a living room, it is worth considering more uniform patterns.

Choice of wallpaper

When deciding to lay wallpapers on the walls , it is worth knowing what you have to choose from. Get to know the types of wallpapers and check how they differ, how durable they are and where the different types fit best.

Textile wallpaper – made of synthetic material or natural fabric glued on paper. Such wallpapers perfectly imitate fabrics, even if they are made of synthetic materials. Perfect for the living room, bedroom or living room. They warm up the atmosphere of the room – make it cozier.

Non-woven wallpaper – here we are dealing with wallpapers with a non-woven layer on the underside. The top layer is paper or vinyl. It is a perfect solution for rooms with cracked walls. This type of wallpaper will mask them. Wallpaper on a non-woven base perfectly suppresses noise. However, it should be remembered that the glue is applied to the wall and not to the wallpaper – as in the case of standard wallpapers.

Paper wallpaper – one of the most popular and cheapest wallpapers. They consist of several layers of paper. They are quite thin and not very durable. They will only work for very smooth and even walls.

Fiberglass wallpaper – a perfect solution for bathrooms, corridors or kitchens. Fiberglass wallpapers are resistant to washing and scrubbing, but they damage the plaster when removed from the walls.

Vinyl wallpaper – the wallpaper on the top is covered with foamed or flat vinyl, while the bottom layer is paper. Due to the high resistance to moisture, washing, scrubbing – it will be perfect for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Wallpapers covered with foamed vinyl will cover uneven and cracked walls, but are less resistant to cleaning. Wallpaper covered with flat vinyl is more resistant, but requires even and smooth walls.

Acrylic wallpaper – types of wallpaper that are not very durable and resistant to scrubbing. Covered with acrylic foam and made of paper on the bottom. They are not suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

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