Is chiptuning safe?

Is chiptuning safe?

Is chiptuning safe? Most of us, especially guys, would like to have a car with high power, allowing for more possibilities, faster driving, smoother driving. However, without the money for a new car, one of the solutions that is very popular is chiptuning and thus the electronic increase of the engine power. Such a procedure is used more and more often with various types of cars, both older and slightly newer. Reflecting on whether it is safe for the durability of components in our car, we answer unanimously – YES.

Despite the fact that we interfere with the operation of the engine, it has a certain power reserve, which means that by increasing it we do not have a negative effect on the operation of the car, but increase the power and derive a number of growing benefits from it. In the case of cars with a mileage of over 150,000 km, you can notice significantly how much chip tuning is affects driving quality.

The effects can be seen, among others, in the case of power increase on the dynamometer, additional Nm of torque, lower fuel consumption. When it comes to engine durability, no components are damaged. The clutch, dual mass wheel or the rest of the engine works without any major problems, although there may be a mandatory replacement, although it is related to the mileage, rather than the intervention in the engine itself.

Supporters and opponents of chip tuning

As in every topic, also here we will find both supporters and opponents of this type of action with cars. This is understandable. Some believe that such changes do not affect the further durability and life of the car at all, others believe that higher loads than the factory ones have a huge impact on how the components work and how long their life will be. In fact, the second group is also right, but in a completely different sense.

The key is to find a person who will be able to provide the highest quality services for us, because what we can get depends on it. If someone does this type of operation on the engine without much knowledge and experience, it is true that it can damage components or reduce their service life. If, in turn, made, it is a knowledgeable person, such aswhich knows what to do to achieve the desired effect without the side effects, it will not affect the lifespan of the engine part.

What is particularly important when offering such treatments is, first of all, checking the technical condition of the car in advance. Chiptuning is only performed on a roadworthy car. For example, if there are faulty injectors, a worn turbocharger, a leaky intake, a clogged catalytic converter, or a malfunction related to the flow meter, no matter how good the job is, such a procedure will not work. First you have to eliminate problems, and then start this form of tuning.

Modifications to our car

When selecting chip tuning, you can modify, among others, the dose of fuel supplied, the ignition advance angle, the maximum engine speed or the boost pressure. All activities are aimed at increasing the power of the car and lowering fuel consumption. If done well, these effects can be achieved. The basis is to perform such activities that will not overload the unit, as well as the work of the car’s components. So you need to put your car in good hands to be sure that the given actions will bring positive effects, and not much more problems and expenses. Through calibrated apparatus and work on a dynamometer, it is possible to fully monitor the increase in power as well as torque, thus achieving what was intended. As for chiptuningtwo solutions can be chosen. One of them is power boxes – that is, connecting them to the car’s electrical system, without the need to change the factory settings. This solution works especially for newer cars that want to increase power, but are afraid of losing the warranty. The second solution is to interfere with the settings and new software for the engine controller.

Better quality – safer driving

If we entrust such work to specialists, we can be sure that we will achieve the intended results, and therefore our car will have more power, which will translate into many benefits in this regard. More power means smooth driving, the ability to overtake the car faster, it is ultimately the safety that each of us cares about. Choosing chiptuningwe can gain new possibilities in an old car. So are you ready for it? If so, the basis is to find a workshop that will check the technical condition of your car, and then, after eliminating all defects and irregularities, start fully professional operation. This is a key element and each of us who dreams of a more powerful engine should focus first, even if it would cost more money.

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