What is the work of a surveyor?

What is the work of a surveyor?

What is the work of a surveyor? During the process of building a house, investors all along this path have contact with many people, specialists from various industries and specialists in various fields. Some people do not even realize how many people they will need to know and how many services they will need to use when building a house. The surveyor is one of those people who will certainly accompany the investor, even before the purchase of the plot itself, until the very end of construction, when the building is to be put into use.

Therefore, when looking for a surveyor for construction, it is worth choosing the best possible specialists in the area. Thanks to this, you will be able to receive professional help, reliable information and advice, which are extremely valuable on construction sites. There are five basic services that you will need to consult with a surveyor.

Demarcation and verification of the plot boundaries

The first contact with the surveyor may be necessary even long before the construction starts, when we want to buy a plot of land for it. Then its services may be necessary to define and check its boundaries with the real state . The surveyor will also be useful when we want to fence a given plot, he will help to determine the route of such a fence so that no mistake occurs due to the appropriation of someone’s land adjacent to our plot. It very often happens that the boundaries of the plot run in a completely different way in which the person from whom we bought them gave them to us. Any mistakes can cost a lot, especially if it turns out that the property has been located on someone else’s property.

Creation of a map for design purposes

The next stage of construction works, or rather preparations for them, is to obtain a map for design purposes. In this task, the surveyor’s service will be helpful again. It is prepared by a surveyor on the basis of a basic map, his task is to bring the content of this map to the actual state on the plot, by taking the necessary measurements in a given area. The whole process requires many formalities and submitting applications in offices, a good surveyor will take care of all the investor by providing him with ready-made maps for design purposes in the number of copies borrowed.

The time needed to perform this task is strictly dependent on the complexity of the building to be constructed in a given area and the efficiency of the official bodies. The entire process may take from one to even three months.the cost of making such a map for design purposes ranges from PLN 500 to PLN 1,200 in the case of single-family houses, larger building structures are similarly higher costs.

Perform connection measurement

Another task of the surveyor is to measure the connections. At the moment, he is in charge of locating the connections designed by the architect on the plot, and at a later stage, when they are already connected to the building, he will also take care of their measurement. So that their current course is presented on the terrain maps. For this purpose, the surveyor takes measurements, even before backfilling them, in order to be able to develop an as-built map.

Performing the as-built inventory

The last visit of the geodesist is to make an as-built inventory when the entire housing has been completed and the house will be erected on the given plot of land. The whole process consists of making a map for collection, which will present everything that was done during the construction works. Without this map, it is impossible to receive a building reception because it requires you to provide a map containing the building’s foundation and any connections to it, such as water, electricity or gas. In addition, this map is necessary to receive documents such as the water connection acceptance protocol, as well as the sanitary sewage system.

In order to create an as-built map, it is necessary to measure and supplement the basic map with such elements as, for example, a newly constructed building that was built during the entire process. Sanitary, water, electricity and gas connections. All kinds of fences, gates and wickets. Terraces, balconies and patios, as well as gazebos or ponds. Parking spaces and other such surfaces with a hardened structure . The time of the entire process depends on the work of the County Office, which issues relevant documents enabling the preparation of the as-built map. If the whole process has been made in accordance with the project on the basis of which the map was made for design purposes, the whole process will be much faster.

All these tasks are necessary to be performed throughout the construction process. Therefore, surveyors are indispensable people who should join the ranks of people supporting the activities of investors. Without their help and work. It will not be possible to start earthworks, as well as to put into use an already completed building. The most convenient and cheapest option is definitely one surveyor who will guide each stage of construction, knowing the topic from scratch much faster.

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