Popular bongs are nothing more than a type of hookah intended for smoking tobacco and related substances. Its operation is based on a dignified filter, hence its characteristic structure and shape. The first bongs were made in Asia and Africa. They were used for religious rituals, smoking herbs in them that caused hallucinations. Initially, they were made of animal horns and pottery. Today, in bong stores you can find many models made of a wide variety of materials. Depending on the needs, it can be wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, or combinations of these types of materials in any configuration.

How to smoke a hookah?

Bonga is extremely popular in Arab countries, there are whole rituals associated with smoking them, you will not find traditional bongo shops there. It’s easier to get them at local markets. Anyone who has been to Turkey at least once, to think of this country evokes the aroma of automatic Drought, fragrant with citrus fruits or apples. Each country has different customs related to smoking bongs. However, all countries share one guiding principle “no rush”, even in European countries smoking a bong is associated with certain rituals and lack of rush. This is perhaps due to the fact that the bong creates a mystical atmosphere, a bit detached from reality, it allows you to sink into your own interior and thoughts with the smoke. As a result, the entire process should follow strictly defined rules. First, the charcoals should be natural.It is best to make a coconut or other nut shell. When lighting the bong, take your time and let the hot coal heat the herbs and produce smoke.

One of the more popular beliefs about the cultural origin of bong smoking is not to put it on the table. Even the sellers in bongo shops know it, so in such places you can often find pipes on the floor. It is believed that putting the pipe on the table can lead to an argument, but in addition to this aspect, there is an even more real explanation. If the bong is higher than us, you can easily overlook that the coals have already burned down and are starting to spoil the taste of the smoke.

The countries where bongs come from have their own rules that are worth following if we want to feel the atmosphere. In Turkey, for example, it is not welcome to light a bongo or blow smoke in the face of comrades. In Arab countries, smoking a pipe with the left hand is not allowed as it is considered unclean there. Passing the pipe from hand to hand is also not tactful. When you hand over the mouthpiece, place it on the table so that the next person can reach it freely. Adding scented tobacco is also a faux pa in the unwritten bongo code.

Construction of a bongo.

In bongo shops, you can spot, various models, from the simplest to the most extensive, but there is one issue that connects all these bongs. Building. Regardless of their purpose and aesthetic value, they are all built in the same way. Starting at the bottom:

Pitcher – it is a water container that cools and filters the smoke.

Clutch – a hole in the wall of the jug, to the level of which water should be added. By covering it with your finger while smoking, an underpressure is created.

Cybuch – A place dedicated to drought, it has the shape of a small bowl. Its perforated bottom part is soaked in water and it discharges the smoke into the jug.

The chamber – this is where the smoke accumulates, which is then inhaled. This element gives the whole its characteristic properties, it allows you to draw smoke directly into your lungs.

Mouthpiece – a hole through which smoke is drawn by placing your mouth against it.

How to buy a good bong?

Stojąc przed zakupem bonga, warto poszukać sprawdzonego sklepu z bongo, gdzie asortyment będzie zróżnicowany i szeroki, a obsługa rzetelna i dobrze zorientowana w posiadanym towarze. Fachowe doradztwo zwłaszcza dla osób początkujących z bongo to klucz do zadowolenia i udanych zakupów. Sklepy z bonga łatwiej znaleźć w Internecie, jednak z odrobiną chęci można je znaleźć w większych miastach bez większego problemu. Jeśli nie chcemy się zdecydować na zakup nowego bongo, warto odwiedzić lombardy, które roją się od takiego sprzętu i są kopalnią naprawdę ciekawych modeli w przystępnych cenach. Przywożąc bongo z wakacji, warto w trakcie dokonywania zakupy zorientować się czy nie Jest ono wykonane z materiału, który nie przejdzie kontroli celnej na lotnisku. Na przykład unikatowego rodzaju drewna czy kości, lub skóry, ponieważ taki zakup zostanie automatycznie skonfiskowany na lotnisku, a osoba posiadająca go może mieć niemałe problemy. Najbardziej sprawdzonym miejscem są autoryzowane sklepy z profesjonalną obsługą, która jest w stanie powiedzieć nam coś więcej niż tylko nazwy dostępnych modeli. Warto szukać takich miejsc, gdzie stacjonarnie będzie można obejrzeć lub nawet dotknąć bongo. Sklepy z bongo to idealne miejsca na zapoznanie się z szeroka oferta tych produktów.


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