Car rental – customer and business

Car rental – customer and business

Car rental – customer and business. Car rental is still a strange spell for some people that has nothing to do with business. Why is this so? Well, many people cannot imagine lending someone a car and how would we make money on it? Well, sometimes it is worth doing something contrary to your beliefs and opening such a business, but of course we will not rent our sports Passat B5 one nine TDI but some really sports or otherwise called luxury cars.

Traveling independently from city to city requires time and energy, most affluent people choose a plane instead, and only when they arrive they decide to rent a car in order to efficiently navigate around the city and possibly its surroundings. Therefore, the only customers we will try to hit are certainly those who have money and want to give it to us in exchange for a service, i.e. car rental. So let’s go back to what cars we are going to rent. Skoda, Kia, Hyundai or VW. Sports cars exceed the daily rate many times over in relation to economy class cars. A thousand or even two thousand zlotys for one day.

In the case of sports (luxury) car rentals, there are more stringent rental conditions, e.g. age – often the minimum is 30 or even 40 years and a long-term driving license. This condition seems to be completely natural. Sports cars require a lot of skill, and we don’t want our Lamborghini to crash a little snot while driving a showcase at a nightclub. Now our offer or otherwise known as the rental conditions. We can be a business Janusz and count every zloty literally from everything.

For example, delivering the car to the address – five hundred, picking up the car from the address – five hundred, and if we smell an unpleasant smell in the car, we immediately collect two thousand. Of course, despite the great earnings on one naive client, we will not earn much, because there will be generally few people willing to do so, so I suggestFor example, the price of delivery and collection of the car should be included in the rental price, because we determine it. A bit unfair, but that’s how money is made today. What’s more, we can put some of the costs into the tax return and thus save a lot of money, but for this, a lot of knowledge in the field of accounting is required, so we need to discuss this type of treatment with him.

What else can a car rental offer to its customers?

It will be quite attractive to offer a lower cost of renting a carwith each day, let’s say our Lamborghini, the client will pay five thousand zlotys for the first day of renting, but for the next only four and a half zlotys, and if he rents a car for a week, the seventh day will bring the rental price down to two thousand zlotys. For example, I do not follow any offer here and what I am writing is only exemplary. If we plan to open car rentals, we certainly also care about a high standard and good relations with customers. Therefore, we should introduce a kind of database and attractive offers ready only for the most loyal customers of our car rental company. Thanks to this, we will monitor the condition of our company and the amount of earnings on an ongoing basis, it is in a way similar to full accounting, which I wrote about before.

Thanks to this, we can monitor literally every stage of the activity and the number of customers, and thanks to the car rental list, we can offer newer and more attractive offers for a specific customer. For example, if someone systematically rents a car from us and does it at least once a month, we will offer him that after a year he will not pay for a single rental at all. As entrepreneurs, we can actually build offers literally on and on everyone, for example during holidays or in a given location. This is an example from one travel agency and I am already explaining what it is about. Namely, if we rent a car to someone and he only moves in our country, we offer him a ten percent discount, thanks to which we will save on picking up and delivering the car and we can be calmer about the car’s wear parts.

Towards the end, I would like to present the offer of one of the foreign car rental companies, which even offers a driver in a set. That’s right, I wrote in the Mercedes S-class rental offer, we also get an experienced driver who is at our disposal for around twenty-four hours and we personally make an appointment before (as customers), when and where he is to appear. This is a kind of promotion and, for me, a small fad, because we should rent such a car ourselves, because it gives us a lot of fun to drive, although some prefer to drive as a passenger. This observation should be the last in this article, because as entrepreneurs we must remember that everyone is different and our offer should suit everyone. It sounds like a paradox, but when you think about it more, it doesn’t.Thank you for the time and attention devoted to this article.

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