Organize the perfect conference

Organize the perfect conference

Organize the perfect conference. Are you facing an enormous challenge, but also a great development opportunity? Do you want to give 100% of yourself and show that you can do everything the best possible? Certainly the organization of the conferenceIt is not an easy task, but if we are very eager, it can be a success. The key is versatility, resistance to stress, working under time pressure and good organization.

If you have it all in you, organizing the event will be absolutely no problem. We are convinced that a good plan can work wonders, regardless of whether we want to organize a small-scale event or a large international venture. In any case, the basis is to approach everything properly, plan everything appropriately and act according to the concept you have created. If this is the case, it will surely end with a happy ending.

In organizing a conference, there are three basic steps that everyone should remember if they want it to look the way they want it to. What stages are we talking about?

• strategic level – we ask ourselves – why do we need this conference?

It is known that a conference is called for a specific purpose. Of course, each one has a different topic, each one involves different guests, each one raises completely different issues. If conference organization is involved, we as organizers have to ask ourselves – why is it organized and what is its purpose? This way we know what we are striving for and what is our main assumption. If we want to start planning something, we have to create a plan in our head – how it should look like, who we want to invite to it, where it is to be organized, what subcontractors we will need to create it. The conference may take the form of training, product presentations, improving relations between employees, discussing the success of a given company, or simply meeting with customers. Each is different, but the goal of the conference is usually: education, motivation, as well as integration, and this is where it works and creates it in this matter. A given conference can be related to all three elements simultaneously, or it can concern only one of them.

 • tactical level – i.e. return on investment versus delight and amazement

Certainly, everyone who is familiar with the organization of the conference knows what the words ROI and WOW are, right? The first is an abbreviation of English and it stands for return on investment. The second is the exclamation mark we use often to denote delight and amazement. When creating a conference, of course, you should take care of this substantive value, and therefore the most important part that turns towards the whole meeting, but at the same time take care to amaze the guests with small wow effects that will make the conference stay in a long time. guests’ heads are remembered.

• operational level – that is, we act step by step

If we have everything planned, a concept has been created, an appropriate plan has been created, then we should start the task so that the final will surprise everyone, including ourselves. As an organizer, we have to take care of every, even the smallest element, even though we employ subcontractors for specific works. We must always say the last word, check everything carefully and, of course, accept it. If the organization of a conferenceit has to be fully successful, it is the most important thing without which nothing will really work. If, for example, we employ a team to deal with the issue of sound and multimedia, although they know it best, our task is to check everything and see if it has been done in accordance with our expectations, needs and requirements.

Conference analysis

And when such an organization of the conference is completed, when we do not change anything, the main part follows – and therefore its full presentation. And whether it will succeed or not depends on many factors. However, when it is over, it is very important to analyze everything very carefully. You can see step by step and point by point what has worked and what has failed, what has worked and what has not.


When organizing a conference, it is very important to properly approach the subject of the very implementation of such an undertaking. Therefore, you should first create a strategy, consider what are the needs of the participants of such a meeting, define the goals that we want to achieve by organizing such an undertaking. The next step is to plan the meeting itself, creating an appropriate plan for it. If this is all, then you can start working so that organizing a conferenceended the way we want it to be. we implement each point in turn, we pay attention to even the smallest details and details. And when everything is buttoned up to the last button, we check the whole thing again. After the conference is over, we analyze everything so that in the event of possible mistakes, we do not make them a second time in the next project.

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