What is the carrier’s OCP?

What is the carrier’s OCP?

What is the carrier’s OCP? Most of the people who are drivers who, while driving certain means of communication, perform paid work related to the road transport of goods have OCP of the carrier and thus third party liability insurance. It is not obligatory and it is not necessary to have it, but more and more often it is a requirement imposed by the customers of a given transport company. They decide on a specific company and transport of goods, if the driver has OCP. And although it is voluntary, as you can see more and more often, in order to be able to provide services, you must have it. Such insurance is concluded with the insurance company and usually lasts 12 months, after which it can be further extended.

There are two types of OCP to choose from – international, which includes two territorial scopes and national ones concerning only the territory of Poland. Each of them is different and each covers a completely different scope of liability for a given carrier, which is related to various legal acts that are found in transport law, as well as in the CMR Convention. With this third party liability insurance in the event of damage during transport, the insurer will cover the entirety. In this way, neither the shipping company nor the customer who uses the services of such a company is worried. It is definitely worth choosing this type of insurance, because in the transport industry there are various types of situations in which the goods are damaged, whether due to an accident or bad transport. The only thing to remember is to choose national or international insurance depending on the scope of transport. This is an overarching element that should undoubtedly be remembered.

Carrier’s OCP – what are the benefits?

As mentioned above, this type of insurance is a guarantee of security both for the carrier itself, as well as for companies using a given transport. Having OCP of the carrierWe do not have to worry about it, because in the event of problems, the entire damage is covered by the insurer. What is covered? It covers damages related to the theft of goods, with its damage or destruction, as well as with delay in delivery. Of course, each shipping company may have a different type of insurance that covers a specific range of damages, but in most cases everything is for the same. And although such insurance is not obligatory, in order to stay on the market and have a job, it is chosen because clients do not want to cooperate with companies that do not have OCP. It is important when it comes to the benefits that this form of protection applies to situations where there is an accident, breakdown, fire or, for example, theft of goods or the theft of the entire car with goods, for example from a guarded parking lot.

Of course, in order to receive compensation, the driver must fulfill a number of obligations that incumbent on him with the signing of the contract, although there are many companies on the market that offerOCP of the carrier even in a situation where an accident occurs intentionally, the driver is at fault or behaves badly, for example, leaving the car in an unguarded car park while using the toilet or stopping for a meal.

How much do we have to pay for the carrier’s OCP?

As with any type of insurance, rates vary depending on what type we take and what insurance company we choose. However, to a large extent, an important factor determining the amount of the premium is, among others, the annual net turnover from transport services. The higher the given net earnings rate is, the higher the carrier’s OCP premium will have to be taken into account .For this, the amount of the guarantee amount is also important, as well as the type of goods we transport. All these elements together determine how much we have to pay for such liability insurance. Of course, it is not worth deciding on one company, the offer of which we saw, because another one can offer us completely better conditions. Let’s follow, compare and sign a contract only when we are sure that we have decided on the best possible solution. A big problem is the transport of ADR dangerous goods, as well as medicines, money, alcohol and tobacco or, for example, live animals or important documents. In such cases, a little deeper search is necessary, and hence, higher fees must be taken into account.

As a carrier, we certainly should not risk huge losses related to, for example, theft or damage to the goods during an accident. It is worth paying the carrier’s OCP with a guarantee that regardless of the situation, we are protected against civil liability. Good insurance is a guarantee for us, but also for our potential clients, who certainly prefer to bet on a company with OCP rather than one that does not have such insurance.

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