Are you buying a new apartment? Check the developer first

Are you buying a new apartment? Check the developer first

Are you buying a new apartment? Check the developer first. The growing earnings of Poles and more and more favorable regulations mean that more and more people decide to buy new Mokotów apartments on the primary market. Such a decision is probably one of the most important decisions in any person’s life. That is why it is worth preparing well for it. The guarantee of a certain purchase is really only a proven, trusted and reliable developer .

The question, however, is how to choose it, so that it does not turn out that the money has been sunk into the mud and the apartment is not seen with the eyes. Fortunately, there are several steps that will help you find out what a developer is saying and what they are doing in the real estate market. therefore, if you already have an apartment selected, it is worth taking an interest in who the contractor really is.

Find out how long a developer has been operating on the market

The developer’s internship is a very important issue. The longer he is in the real estate industry, the better. This means that he copes well with a changing environment and probably has many difficulties behind him. If he is still on the market, it proves his extensive experience, which certainly affects the quality of the apartment, as well as the service and approach to the customer. Using new developers on the market is very risky, in fact no one can be sure whether their investment will turn out to be unsuccessful, and future buyers will be left with nothing, or even worse, poorly constructed premises that will not meet their expectations. which they have de facto already paid.

Check the developer’s story

Another way to choose a good developer is to check his previous investments for performance but also for differentiation. If he already has several or a dozen successfully completed investments on his account, the chances that the one in which you invest your money will also be successful are very high. If you have the opportunity, go to the given buildings, go up the staircase, see how they were finished and how they look, for example, several years after they were put into use. This is another important piece of information that gives you reliable information about the durability of a given property developer.

Look for opinions on the internet

you can find a lot of information on the internet about developers, which often comes from the customers themselves. Opinions, comments of all kinds and the like always give you an overview of the situation. However, it is worth remembering that everyone on the Internet is anonymous, including the competition. Therefore, one should not completely believe all negative comments. An interesting way is to make a query about the developer in the local forum. Often, many people are willing to share their experiences related to the purchase of apartments. It is also worth asking among friends and family, maybe someone of them has recently bought an apartment on the primary market and can recommend a good developer.

Check finances

Many development companies operate on the stock exchange, in this situation you can easily check how it is doing in terms of finance recently. However, if you don’t find your developer there, try asking him or her in the email for financial statements, for example for the last three years. Reputable and self-respecting development companies should have no problems with sharing such data. However, if you encounter resistance, it is worth considering that maybe the developer has something to hide, so they don’t want to send us the documents they use. The financial information obtained about a given developer allows to assess its condition on the real estate market. If the stock market is down, it is worth considering buying a flat with him, as it may turn out that he has not been doing very well recently, which involves a high risk for you and your money.

Get interested in prizes and awards

A well-functioning real estate development company can boast of awards, for example awarded by the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers. Such distinctions prove the experience of a given developer and his good financial situation. Distinctions on the local market are also very important information that allows you to assess whether a given Warsaw developer is simply good at what he does.

All of the above tips require a bit of commitment and time, but ignoring them may turn out to be very risky consequences. After all, an apartment is not bought every day, and it does not cost as much as a pair of new shoes, which in case of poor quality can be thrown away without regret. That is why it is so important to thoroughly prepare and look for a really good developer, and when you find one, you will definitely want to buy an apartment on the primary market with him. Even if the price of his apartments is slightly higher than in the case of other companies, it is worth betting on him, because the costs of possible repairs in the apartments or delays in returning the property may cost us much more money and nerves in the near future.

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