Advantages of a touchless car wash

Advantages of a touchless car wash

Advantages of a touchless car wash. Using an automatic car wash is a good way to maintain environmental awareness. It also helps to protect the paint of the car. Automatic car washes save water and reduce groundwater contamination. Thanks to them, the paintwork is perfect and does not decrease the value of the car.

Ecological solution

The touchless car wash is ecological. When washing a car at home, we use over 500 liters. By using this type of car wash, we use 5 times less water. Soaps and detergents during normal car washing can penetrate the ground and contaminate it. However, thanks to the solutions used, car washes automatically recover it. They cleanse with water and use it for the next washing.

Paint protection

Washing the vehicle by hand (scrubbing with sponges and brushes) may cause some scratches on the paintwork. This is because fine particles of dirt, sand and fines get trapped in the brush or sponge. Washing the car can destroy it. Scratches can be deep (up to 10%).
Automatic touchless washers use high water pressure to remove dirt from surfaces before washing. The materials used for cleaning are rinsed constantly. In this way, they prevent the accumulation of gravel.
By washing the car in a weekly wash, we eliminate the risk of corrosion. We remove dirt, salt and other impurities. Thanks to this, our car will look beautiful.
Driving a car is certainly comfortable, but not only does the car get you from A to B. It is an essential part of our lives and reflects our personality and interests. We are looking for upholstery, we think about the type of fuel to extend the life of the engine. However, the car wash is often neglected.

Clean car

We are so busy these days that we may forget to keep the vehicle in good condition. Nevertheless, we should not forget to clean regularly. Cleanliness is very important. We gain a sense of self-confidence and our sense of pride increases. In addition, it affects optimal performance.
Dust and air react with oxygen, which promotes the appearance of rust. Also, if we don’t wash the car regularly, it will smell awful after a while.
That’s why we have to wash the car regularly to prevent rust. If the car is clean inside, we will avoid electronic problems. When we get in the car, it will smell beautiful.

Useful accessories

If our car is clean and we are planning a long trip, we can buy car accessories. The most important, useful car accessories are air fresheners, cup holders, garbage cans, organizers, phone holders, portable DVD players, inverters, safety equipment and sun protection products.
Nobody wants a smelly car, so let’s get air fresheners. Some may have a nauseating, strong odor. Therefore, let’s pay attention to what we buy. Let’s choose a freshener that perfectly eliminates unpleasant odors. Removes odors by absorbing them. It not only hides the smell, but also completely eliminates it.
Most car owners like to drink coffee or tea while driving. However, stains are inevitable if we keep the cup on all the time. Drinking while driving can also be dangerous. If we want to reduce the risk of stains and accidents, let’s get cup holders. They are effective. Let’s make them stable and universal. Then they will certainly do their job well. We can choose the foldable cup holder. It has a perfect design as we can fold it if we don’t use it.

It is also worth having a garbage can. However, this is not a simple metal or plastic garbage can. These cars are made of strong, durable fabric that can change shape depending on whether it is full or empty. Garbage bags for cars are especially useful on long journeys. We can throw food leftovers and empty bottles into it. If we don’t want to forget about it, keep it in the car. A good container should look elegant. Allows for safe storage thanks to inserts. Ideally, it should be waterproof and odor-resistant.

All over the world, attention is paid not to use the telephone while driving. However, there is a trick. Mobile phone holders are important if we need to talk urgently, without compromising our safety. They are also useful when we are going to an unknown place and we need GPS. It’s worth choosing a magnetic phone holder. It guarantees exceptional stability, safety and the possibility of adjusting without damaging the surface of the car.

Many drivers enjoy listening to music while driving. Then it is worth getting a portable DVD player. It is useful even when we do not have the Internet. It is often compatible with various types of files. We can, for example, mount it on a shelf. The modern player is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is versatile when it has an SD card slot and a USB port. Such car accessories are very useful.

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