How many degrees should you wash children’s clothes?

How many degrees should you wash children’s clothes?

How many degrees should you wash children’s clothes? Every parent knows that washing children’s clothes is not an easy task that raises many dilemmas. This is a particular problem for new parents who have not yet acquired any experience. Young parents often get confused by choosing the right detergent, washing and rinsing program or setting the right temperature.

No wonder, since boys ‘and girls’ clothes are made of delicate fabrics, and the baby’s skin is very sensitive. Therefore, it is worth preparing carefully for the topic of washing children’s clothes – start by preparing this article.

Do you wash your baby’s things together or separately with other clothes?

The generally accepted rule is that the things of a small child (newborn and infant) should be washed separately, without combining them with the belongings of other family members. This is due to the need to take care of clothes for girls and boys that are softer than others.

As you know, even washing at a water temperature of 90 degrees C is not able to guarantee the complete killing of all bacteria in the clothes. For adult clothes, other programs in the washing machine are also selected, and other detergents are also used. They can have a negative effect on children’s clothing.

Washing children’s clothes yourself has another advantage – it is easier to adjust the type and amount of detergent. In the case of washing adult clothes, we often abuse detergents in order to obtain a nice fragrance or freshness of clothes. This will not work for toddlers’ clothes, for which a limited amount of detergents should be used for washing, so as not to expose them to the harmful effects of allergens contained in the powders.

What temperature and washing agents?

Every parent should be aware that the most important thing is to wash the newly purchased clothes for the first time. They are full of bacteria harmful to the baby, so you should get rid of them quickly thanks to washing. Particular care should be taken with the thorough washing of newborns’ clothes. It is best to do the first wash at 90 degrees C and set an additional rinse. The older the child is, the lower the washing temperature may be. The usual children’s clothing for a newborn is washed at 60 degrees Celsius, because such water temperature kills mites, fungi and the most dangerous bacteria.

An exception, however, is worth making in the case of diapers, which get dirty the most, and the stains left on them are difficult to wash – here we set again 90 degrees C. It is mandatory to wash newly purchased clothes for the first few months, after a few months you can give up . It is also worth using special agents designed for washing children’s clothes. This is especially important when our little one is only a few months old. His skin is then very sensitive and prone to irritation, so the measures used must be adapted to this. Many manufacturers offer special products designed for the clothes of the youngest.

Laundry and child safety

Due to the fact that the skin of young children is extremely delicate and very susceptible to any allergens, the choice of laundry detergent is of great importance. Dedicated detergents should be used to wash baby or newborn clothes, and above all, clothes for a premature baby. The most important thing is that such a measure does not contain chemical compounds, fragrances or dyes.

The amount of detergent is also important, as too much detergent may not be rinsed out of the clothes, which may later be the cause. To minimize this risk, it is good to equip a washing machine with a built-in anti-allergy program that will guarantee thorough rinsing of the detergent. Many washing machine manufacturers offer such solutions.

What else is worth remembering?

Young children tend to damage their clothes a lot. In the case of heavy soiling, e.g. due to vomit, leakage of nappies or food stains, do not throw these clothes into the washing machine right away. It is best to rinse the dirty area under warm water so as not to stain the rest of the clothes. This additionally also affects the quality of the washing. By rinsing off the fresh dirt, we minimize the risk of the stain becoming permanent on the clothes.

Keeping children’s clothes clean is not an easy task. It requires knowledge of many rules that we will not even think about many times when doing laundry. The washing temperature, the means used, and even the available washing machine model are of great importance. If we want children’s clothes to serve for a very long time, it is worth getting acquainted with the rules presented in the text. This will allow for serious savings that we will generate when buying clothes for children.

The quality of the clothes you buy is also important. By deciding to buy reputable, high-quality products, we can be sure that they will survive washing, will not deteriorate and will serve the child for a long time. Great attention should be paid to the material, which should be durable and the cut should be well-made.

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