Positioning of websites, i.E. What to do to climb the search engine ranking ladder

Positioning of websites, i.E. What to do to climb the search engine ranking ladder

Positioning of websites, i.E. What to do to climb the search engine ranking ladder Nowadays, most areas of life are based on online activities. It is very difficult to break out in any way if you do not advertise on the Internet: on social media, through your own website or blog. Contrary to appearances, there are many more users there than those sitting in front of the TV sets. Because these are becoming a thing of the past. If someone buys a TV set, it is not to connect terrestrial TV to it, but the Internet and be able to watch movies without advertising, news and other unnecessary things that are full of television.

Therefore, having a company, advertising on the Internet is a much better investment than in TV advertising. It is also a cheaper option, although the prices of social media advertising are rising every year. If you are already investing money in growing your business, do so to ensure your future. Therefore, it is definitely better to choose methods that will give you more customers over time.

Paid advertising is not everything

Do you want to quickly acquire new customers? So don’t overwhelm them with excess advertising for your business. The only effect it will bring is reluctance to see your business alone. Certainly, you have encountered annoying ads that spill onto your screen every time you launch a website. Believe that such activities are not encouraging, and as soon as someone thinks that he has to wade through a waterfall of windows, he does not want to visit such a site.

So what kind of strategy should you choose so that customers are eager to visit you and associate you well? The answer is simple – start a blog. It will not only position the company website , but you will also be able to share knowledge on it, which will extend the stay of network users on your website. Are you afraid that you will have nothing to write about? If you know what you are doing, there will be tons of ideas for entries in your head. If you sell shoes online, for example, run a blog about the latest trends in the world of footwear. If you are a graphic designer, describe on the blog the way of making graphics and new ideas in the field of drawing etc. An idea will always be found.

What is positioning and what is my website for?

Did you realize that over 20 million internet users use the Internet in our country every month? This is a huge number, some of which may visit your website or online store. However, you need to know how to get people to click on your site. This is where website positioning comes into play. What is it and how can it help you succeed? In order for your site to be visited frequently, it must be visible to others. And that’s what positioning is all about. So we take actions that raise the position of the website in search results. Search engines have guidelines on how to increase this visibility.

Do it yourself or entrust it to professionals?

If you want to reduce costs, you can make such a page yourself. It is not difficult as long as you know how to do it. It is worth educating yourself in this direction. See what is most important in positioning and how to do it right. But keep in mind that for someone new to SEO, this can get in a lot of trouble, so if you don’t feel up to it, find professionals who will do it better and your results will be much higher. But first, take a look at what will help your website gain popularity.

The more content, the better – the ranking of your website depends on the content you put there. The more of them there are, the more valuable they are, the more traffic there is on the site. Frequently adding long articles helps raise the page in the search engine, because indexing robots pay more attention to us. Also remember about keywords. They should be matched to the current Internet users’ searches. However, don’t overdo them so that the content doesn’t look artificial.

Traffic on the website – all clicks, comments, Google searches for your website and everything that happens on the website are traffic of various origins. All of these activities greatly influence SEO. How is such a movement created? If our website is frequently searched or clicked by Internet users, the higher it appears in the search position. So remember that the more engaging and valuable content you write, the more people will visit your site and create the next traffic that will drive the entire machine.

External linking – In this matter, be careful not to become a spammer. What is going on? If the links leading to your site are from sites with higher rankings and are more valuable for crawlers, then the site automatically scores a higher rank. However, if the source is websites of dubious quality, and what is more, there is an overflow of them, then spam begins. It is better to have higher quality linking, but do it less often than link very often but of poor quality.

Social media – social media is as important in website positioning as running a blog. A Facebook and Instagram account drives huge traffic to the site. This is where Internet users most often come from. However, setting up a business account is not enough. You also need to think about advertising and target it well to achieve the desired effect. You should also remember to speak up often on your profile to encourage people to click, like the page or leave a comment.

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