Screen printing on clothes – the perfect advertising medium for companies?

Screen printing on clothes – the perfect advertising medium for companies?

Screen printing on clothes – the perfect advertising medium for companies? Nowadays, it is very difficult for new companies to reach the target audience with their offer. All due to the fact that competition on the market practically prevents them from doing so. In order to do this, they have to resort to forms of advertising that are not reached by giants, and which show enormous and long-term effectiveness with a low own contribution (after all, we are talking about new enterprises here). Screen printing on clothes can be such a form – this is what we will focus on in this short article, presenting its greatest advantages and briefly describing what it actually is.

Screen printing on clothes and direct advertising

The screen printing method is used to locate the paint on all sorts of things. In the case of clothes that we focus on, and which are definitely the best in terms of advertising, it can hit, among others, on:

  • caps,
  • bags,
  • sweatshirts,
  • T-shirts,
  • trousers,
  • bandanas.

The entire application of paint takes place via a special machine that passes it through an individually prepared matrix containing a screen printing mesh. The denser it is, the more precise the print will be. Screen printing is used to create both single-color and multi-color prints, and the printing surface depends both on the specific company to which we order screen printing on clothes , as well as on the machine at its disposal and the clothes that we intend to print with our own print. Screen printing on clothes requires the preparation of the above-mentioned matrix for a specific graphic design- that’s why the more of the same items we order, the less we will pay for each of them. It is not recommended to use it to prepare just one thing, because the cost of the matrix is ​​by far the largest in the entire process.

The biggest advantages of using screen printing for advertising purposes

Putting on screen printing on clothes seems to be a very reasonable marketing game that should be considered by any company that knows that it has no chance to compete in the field of the Internet, and still wants to promote its services or products among specific people. The advantages of betting on it include:

  • print durability – the more durable the print, the longer the garment will function as the carrier of our advertisement; here it is very durable and actually works in purely marketing tasks;
  • high quality – silk-screen printed clothes look very neat – and they really are; modern machines using this technology allow you to achieve printing not only durable, but perfectly saturated with colors and simply impressive quality;
  • low price in the case of larger quantities – if we order larger quantities of clothes printed by screen printing, we can count on the best prices (compared to other means of direct advertising). That is why it is worth applying to the project and investing – of course according to a predetermined plan;
  • long-term advertising – regardless of whether we are handing out T-shirts or advertising caps, if they are worn, they will advertise our services or products with themselves – a good design will allow us to attract attention, and the whole thing can be a great, indefinite advertisement;
  • sympathy with the recipients – each of us knows perfectly well what the situation is with leaflets, so far most associated with direct advertising. Most often they end up in the bin just minutes after they are handed over. Screen printing on clothes makes it possible to produce a product that is really liked by the people we give. Not only can we be sure that it will not be thrown away and wasted, but we can also expect that it will be worn and become the living medium of our advertising;
  • high efficiency – many people who have already bet on screen printing on clothes agree that it works great in action. There is no need to prove it – just look around you and look for people wearing clothes with print. Perhaps he also has an advertising function?

The design of the print , which will ultimately be placed on the garment we choose, is very important in everything . The principle of its selection is simple – its main purpose is to impress, interest and attract attention. If he does, someone will always pay attention to the website address of the company they advertise, or to anything else related to it. It doesn’t have to be its leitmotif or something dominant in it.


Screen printing on clothes is one of the things that can give new entrepreneurs hope. It can be a means of great and effective direct advertising, and at the same time it is used relatively rarely. Due to the low competition within it, but also the high marketing potential, it is something that we should definitely consider – especially if we have a product that will defend itself, and which only needs to be promoted properly, slightly less conventional, but very attractive. way.

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