Pros of having your own trade island

Pros of having your own trade island

Pros of having your own trade island. When running a trading company, we cannot stand still – we have to constantly look for new sources of income, not only in the products we offer, but also in the places where our services are provided or even in how we attract customers to our company. One of the eagerly dialed, but certainly not available for every industry, sales of services are shopping malls, and the presence in them does not necessarily require you to open a large store . Trade islands are its alternative – why is it worth investing in? What benefits can we count on and – most importantly – what should our island look like to attract as many customers as possible?

Advantages of having a shopping island in the mall

Having your own shopping island in the mall, although it can cost you a lot, has many advantages. The largest include, among others:

  • access to a wide customer base – we do not have to try and invest in marketing; shopping malls are visited by thousands of customers every day; Importantly, they are focused on spending money – they visit galleries for this very purpose;
  • prestigious place – the mere presence in a shopping mall makes our company’s reputation grow, and customers place more trust in it and are more willing to leave money there they trust that the company located in the gallery will not disappear overnight and could not offer poor-quality products;
  • the ability to quickly build a brand – the gallery is a great place to build your own brand – even if a person walking on it does not look at our island and use its services, they will definitely pay attention to it; especially since the islands are usually located in the middle of the corridor and walking past them is something inevitable;
  • an opportunity to rely on spontaneity – customers shopping in shopping malls are specific, as they are not always focused on buying a specific item; they often decide to visit the gallery to spend their free time, just as often devote themselves to the so-called “spontaneous purchase” – if our product is suitable for them (especially in terms of price), we are also able to sell it to people who have not previously were planning to buy it;
  • free distribution and advertising – handing out leaflets is something we always have to pay for; if you have a trade island, we can do it for free by simply leaving our leaflets on the counter; thanks to this, people who are really interested in our services will reach for them; The mere existence in a shopping mall is also an advertisement for us – people are very attached to places of this type, often identifying specific brands with their location inside a selected gallery.

What should a commercial island of our company be like?

The basis of a prospering and bringing benefits to the above-mentioned benefits is the actual design of the island . this one should take into account our specific product, but also confront our vision with what a specific shopping mall requires of us. This one usually expects to fit into a specific template and general style of all trading islands. Adjusting to this, let’s make sure that our island contains as many glass walls as possible – they allow us to properly display our products. Speaking of which – the more products it displays on the front, the better. Remember that those things that are in the back room simply do not sell – so let’s treat the cabinets under the island as a source of spare products, putting as many of the basic ones as possible in front of the customer.

In a good design of a trade island , the correct location of the counter . This should be in a clearly visible, but non-invasive place – the presence of the seller should not be immediately obvious, and the customer should be able to familiarize themselves with the product range and possibly quickly consult the seller (and, in the best case for us, make purchase). The counter should be at an appropriate height, also suitable for people with disabilities.


Trade islands are a great option for companies dealing in trade and although they will not work for everyone (here the key is the type of product offered), for many they can be a gateway to a great career, high recognition and huge earnings. However, when deciding on them, let’s choose a gallery that will not only be popular and well-located, but will also offer us the best rental conditions – the lower the rent we have to pay and the friendlier the conditions on which our cooperation will take place, the better it will prosper. our company and the faster its development we will be able to achieve. As it is worth noting, on one trade island hardly any company ends up – especially since an appropriate approach to the whole topic is able to bring a profit that is so motivating for their further opening.

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