Laser therapy. How to permanently remove scars

Laser therapy. How to permanently remove scars

Laser therapy. How to permanently remove scars. At a time when the mass media determine the ideal of beauty by promoting a slender figure and perfectly smooth skin, getting rid of all unsightly, but visible unevenness on the skin of the face is of great importance in the general social perception. Many people suffer from so-called acne scars. Can they be effectively removed? What beauty treatments are recommended?

Scar – an aesthetic and psychological problem

The best idea, because the fastest way to get rid of scars (not only acne scars) and renew and smooth the skin, are laser treatments. Traces of acne (especially in its long and aggressive course) are an aesthetic and psychological problem. Scars negatively affect your well-being. They contribute to depressive behavior and lower self-esteem. They can take away your confidence and definitely have a big impact on lowering your mood. Why is this happening? Research carried out by CBOS shows that as many as 70% of the society believes that external appearance has a decisive influence on success in both professional and personal life. Therefore, it is worth being tempted and choosing an effective method and helping yourself thanks to the laser.

What is a scar?

A scar is primarily a skin lesion, but a lesion that can be repaired using appropriate cosmetic procedures . Damage to healthy tissue causes its formation as a result of triggering increased activity of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are active connective tissue cells. As a result, the cavities are filled with connective tissue. Scars are formed from injuries on a different background. These can be mechanical damages such as: cut wounds. These can be thermal injuries, i.e. burns, or of chemical origin – chemical burns. Scars are formed on the outside (skin) and inside the body – examples include scars that form in the heart muscle after a heart attack, or postoperative scars. There is no one type of scarring. Therefore, we distinguish keloid scars, which are formed during the aggressive process of healing wounds too quickly. Such scars are large and extend beyond the area of ​​injury. They are most often seen in people with darker complexion. Others are the so-called pink or red hypertrophic scars. They do not go beyond the scope of the injury.

Contracture scars are another type. They appear in post-burn conditions. They often occupy a large area and are deep. They can reach muscles and nerves, limiting mobility. There are also downhill changes. They arise after acne. They have characteristic depressions. The tissue is excessively thin. Scars are unsightly residues that should be removed as much as possible. This is effectively helped by modern aesthetic medicine , which offers cosmetic treatments that eliminate skin imperfections. One of them is laser acne scar removal.

Acne scars laser removal – indications and contraindications

The offer of laser acne scar removal applies to such areas of the body as: face, shoulders, back and cleavage. It is a solution that improves well-being, aesthetics, and also affects health. First of all, the scarred skin is covered with dead skin. And that doesn’t allow her to breathe properly. Dead skin should be removed unconditionally. Its removal and simultaneous shallowing of the scar improves the appearance of the skin, its color and smoothness. Unfortunately, the laser treatment also has contraindications. It cannot be used by people who take blood-thinning medications, suffering from any skin cancer. The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and sick people – any active viral and bacterial infections of the skin exclude the treatment, just like a fresh tan.

What is laser scar removal?

Laser scar removal treatments are not painless and you should remember about it. However, the degree of discomfort does not require full anesthesia to perform it. It is enough to coat the skin with an appropriate preparation before the procedure itself. Laser scar removal is safe. But you should take advantage of the offer of proven beauty salons or go to the aesthetic medicine clinic, which are primarily equipped with good quality equipment and have properly educated and experienced staff. The laser scar removal method uses a light beam. This beam of light penetrates the dermis as well as the subcutaneous tissues.

Therefore, it affects the deep parts of the skin, thus stimulating the action of collagen fibers, which improve the appearance of the skin. The skin becomes smoother, tighter, and its elasticity improves and fine wrinkles disappear. However, it is worth remembering that the skin after laser treatment does not look aesthetically pleasing. A layer of a calloused epidermis forms on it, which then crumbles. This process takes several days. The skin after the treatment is also delicate and sensitive. It should be protected from the sun. Do not sunbathe and use UV radiation blockers with a factor of at least 50+.

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