Car workshop – how to choose the perfect one?

Car workshop – how to choose the perfect one?

Car workshop – how to choose the perfect one? It is fair to say that nowadays there is no household that does not have its own car. This means of transport has become so popular that it pushed the entire automotive market forward, and today millions of Poles use its services every day . No wonder that we can find car repair shops almost around every corner. But how, whenever the need arises, choose the one that will really deserve our attention? What to follow and what to pay attention to? A number of tips that we are going to publish in our guide will certainly help you make the right choice.

Why is it worth trying to find a workshop?

With something like a car repair shop it is like a doctor – finding the right and trustworthy one, we rarely change it to some other  . Finding a garage that we will be able to entrust our car blindly will be comfortable for us in the case of subsequent repairs, as well as routine technical inspections.

5 basics in finding a workshop for yourself

A car repair shop is a place where we leave one of the most valuable items at our disposal – a car. That is why we cannot choose it hastily – a wrong choice can be disastrous, whether for our car (not necessarily its external parts) or for our wallet. So what should we pay attention to? Below are 5 issues that should be the most important here.

1. Reputation is one of the fundamental factors

A good car repair shop is one that people come back to after repairs or a successfully completed inspection. But how do we know that the one we are keeping an eye on is like that? It is enough to look for opinions that are just at your fingertips these days. We can reach for:

  • friends’ recommendations – the most trusted source of first-hand information – can show us both companies whose services are worth using and those that are not worth bothering about;
  • discussion forums – these gather only fans of four wheels – you can also find there not only opinions, but also discussions about them; they can also be very informative;
  • groups on social networks – their biggest advantage is that they are closed – the car repair shop has a hard time buying opinions on their pages; so you can rely on them.

2. A well-equipped workshop with professionals is included in the price

The basis for the operation of each car repair shop is its proper equipment. Let’s make sure that he has tools that allow him to carry out detailed and in-depth diagnostics, but also those that will allow him to repair our car properly. It is not only details that count here – at first glance, we can notice the presence of a channel or lifts, and looking closely, we should also pay attention to smaller parts, including those from other repaired cars (they can often be disassembled to repair other parts of the car cheaper) without the need for a full replacement).

3. Speed ​​of repair – how much to look at it?

Although the time in which our car will be repaired is certainly not insignificant, it does not prove the professionalism of the workshop  . This is determined primarily by timeliness – if a car repair shop says that we will be able to pick up a car on a specific day, it must stick to it. Especially since it will allow us to plan our time properly without it.

4. Honesty – is this a feature that has died out among mechanics?

The stereotype is that mechanics like to charge extra for services we didn’t agree to or repairs that weren’t really planned. It is important that the service provider is honest and clearly presents the situation from the beginning. It is very good if he presented a cost estimate, but also signed a contract with us – especially when the repair will be more expensive.

5. The workshop cannot be ruled by chaos

It is hard to expect that the workshop will be a clean and sterile place. However, just because it’s not clean doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tidy. Tools must not fall on the ground and machines should be in their place. This can be determined by the behavior of mechanics who will probably reach for each of the tools, knowing perfectly well where they will find them.

A small note: workshops often stock items directly at the repair site. We don’t consider it a disadvantage, but let’s look at it more closely – it often doesn’t equate to chaos, but simply to insufficient space at their disposal.


Choosing a good car repair shop is not the easiest one . All because of the low entry threshold, which meant that many unfamiliar mechanics and scammers who trick “non-technical” drivers for additional expenses appeared on it. That is why we have to be as picky as possible, trying to find a workshop that will meet our expectations and meet the requirements we set for it.

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