Artificial flowers in a pot that look like real!

Artificial flowers in a pot that look like real!

Artificial flowers in a pot that look like real! Until recently, artificial flowers could be associated with kitsch and old-fashioned accessories. Currently, however, they have acquired a completely new character. It can be safely said that artificial flowers have been a real hit of recent years! Both plants placed in a vase and potted plants are available. In this article, we will focus primarily on artificial flowers in a pot. Which plants should you choose? What should you pay attention to to make them look natural? How to combine them into effective compositions and decorate the interior with them?

Artificial flowers – yes or no?

Artificial flowers have many advantages. They are an ideal solution for those of us who do not have a so-called hand to plants. Some, despite their good intentions, are unable to properly care for live flowers. Others are often departed or forgetful, which is not conducive to plant breeding. Admittedly, cultivating live plants requires a lot of time and attention. However, not everyone has such opportunities. For this reason, more and more people are choosing artificial plants that look deceptively similar to real ones, but are much easier to maintain. It is enough to wipe them from dust once every few weeks.

Currently, there are so many types of artificial flowers that everyone can find the one that best suits the interior design. Artificial blooming flowers, flowers in pots, single flowers for a vase are available in the decoration stores,as well as green plants, succulents and ornamental grasses. The choice is really huge! It should be mentioned that artificial flowers will also appeal to those who suffer from allergies and therefore cannot grow live plants at home. Fortunately, they don’t have to completely give up decorations referring to nature!

What artificial flowers should you choose?

As already mentioned, the choice of artificial flowers is really huge. Artificial flowers resembling natural, cut plants, which we put in a vase, are very popular. Classic roses, carnations and tulips will work great in this role. It is also worth paying attention to the artificial flowers in the pot. You can choose plants in large, high, massive pots, which are usually placed on the floor. These can be, for example, palm trees or extremely fashionable monsters. If you are looking for synthetic plants that can be placed on a balcony, terrace or in front of the house, for example ivy will be perfect. All succulents, aloe vera and ornamental grasses such as pampas grass, miscanthus or papyrus are also welcome. Of course, these are not the only artificial flowers in pots that we can decide on.Fern, orchid, sansevieria, orchid, amaryllis or lavender will also look great. There really is a lot to choose from!

What to look for when choosing artificial flowers?

There is no doubt that artificial flowers can look really beautiful and effective. High-quality plants will be a great decoration for an apartment, office or other interior. It should be noted, however, that you can still find artificial flowers on the market that look like nightmares from several decades ago. So what should you pay attention to when choosing artificial plants? Remember that the economic option is not always the best.

Cheap artificial flowers can look just… cheap. So let’s choose those made of high-quality synthetic materials and with attention to every detail. Some plant producers attach great importance to detail. With dedication, they create truly beautiful and delightful arrangements of artificial flowers. To choose the best synthetic plant, you need to pay attention to everything – stem, leaves, inflorescence, substrate.Avoid plants that are made of shiny, unnaturally glowing material. Let’s also stay away from flowers, the colors of which do not resemble those found in nature. Delicate leaves, curved stems and natural colors are what we are looking for in artificial plants!

How to use artificial flowers in interior design?

Artificial flowers in a pot will fit almost any room in the apartment. Unlike natural plants, they do not require any special conditions, so you can easily place them where there is moisture or in heavily shaded places. Cacti and succulents in stone pots will look great in the bathroom, for example. If, on the other hand, we are looking for artificial plants for the kitchen, we can choose herbs or lavender in braided pots.

Such decoration will look really impressive! And what plants to put in the living room or bedroom? Here, the choice is actually free. Depending on your preferences, we can focus on green plants or colorful blooming flowers. An interesting idea is to combine artificial and live flowers in one arrangement. A blooming, living orchid can be decorated, by shoving an artificial shoot with flowers into a pot with soil. The natural leaves of the plant will make the whole composition look alive! When it comes to potted flowers, ferns and ivy hanging high from the ceiling are also recommended.

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