Three ideas for an integration party on a small budget

Three ideas for an integration party on a small budget

Three ideas for an integration party on a small budget. We spend several dozen hours a week at work. However, if we take the life of the average Jan Kowalski as a wallpaper, it turns out that he will spend up to 90,000 hours performing (with greater or lesser satisfaction) his professional duties. That is why we pay more and more attention to the non-wage qualities of the duties performed. One of them are integration events.

This is a great solution for both the employee and the employer. It gives employees the opportunity to react after a hard day in the office, but above all, it is an opportunity to meet friends from work in a less formal atmosphere, to get to know each other’s passions, needs and sense of humor. Integration events are a great opportunity to team up, and howit is known – a well-coordinated team is motivated, and therefore works more willingly and effectively. That is why integration events are a win-win activity for the company and employees.

We associate an integration event with the necessity to rent a hotel, bus, or a long and preferably several-day trip, and this, as we know, generates costs. We cannot afford this type of activity often. But what if we are not able to find more funds? Nothing is lost. Below are some interesting low-budget ideas for organizing team-building events.

Board games, i.e. a way to organize a cyclical integration event

For several years now, we have been able to notice that board games are coming back into favor. Meetings in a smaller or larger group, a house party, a family dinner or an ordinary party with friends usually ends with a round in Dixit or a game in Double. People responsible for preparing company meetings are happy to organize meetings with board games. These types of events gather most employees, the company costs practically nothing, and at the same time allows the team to meet “after hours” and go crazy a bit. It is worth noting that each of us has a hint of a gambler. Often emotions during an integration event with board games make you smile several months after the event. Due to low costs and small organizational needs, this type of event can be organized periodically.

An idea for a company Olympics?

A little adrenaline yet never hurt anyone. The second proposal for a low-budget integration event is the organization of the corporate Olympics. In this case, the creativity of the organizers is the most important. After all, at the company’s Olympics, there can be unusual disciplines – trash bag racing, beer grate dancing, tug of war, puns. There can be thousands of ideas, and organization does not need a lot of money.

Of course, it is worth thinking about the award for the winning team and small snacks. I don’t think anyone likes to play with an empty belly. When organizing this type of event, we can suggest that each of the employees (within their culinary abilities and skills) prepare or purchase a snack. You can also order something from a local catering company. Nobody will expect exquisite dishes, however, good bread with herbal butter, a salad or a piece of home-made sausage and pickled cucumber will make the participants satisfied and feel that the employer cares for them.

Which route for an integration event?

An interesting and not necessarily expensive idea for an integration event may be a joint trip to the mountains. The invitation to travel can be sent to the company’s e-mail address or posted an announcement on the front door of the company or at the company’s coffee machine. When organizing this type of trip, it should be remembered that each of us has different sports skills. Even if the organizer of the integration event is a mountain lover, it is best to choose a non-demanding route or the possibility of taking a cable car. Being upstairs, you can prepare a picnic or (if there is a dedicated place) a bonfire. A day trip to the mountains can be a great memory. This type of event can be organized not only for employees, but also for their families. Such an event will show that the employer understands the employee’s needs and also cares about the employee’s non-professional life.

Integration events are undoubtedly a way to tie an employee to the company. More and more people understand what word-life balance is and when choosing a career path, they pay attention not only to the amount of remuneration, but also non-wage equivalents, such as: additional insurance, multisport card, volunteer days, training opportunities or integration events. Meetings with colleagues from work often turn into long-term friendships, and the opportunity to work with people you like merges the company and allows you to keep important employees with you, even with lower remuneration. When considering the organization of team-building events for employees, it is worth considering this element as something cyclical, permanently inscribed in the structure of the company. In this case, employees will know that the employer is socially responsible and depends on the employee’s maintenance for many years.

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